T-Rex Dinosaur Shower Head, Grey



After a hard day exploring, you?ll dig getting clean with Wash ‘n Roar Showerhead. Modeled after a real T-Rex skull, and made of durable, sturdy plastic, this carnivorous cleaner is made to fit any standard shower. Be a part of prehistory and always come out clean.

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Barbuzzo Wash N’ Roar Shower Head-Lime Green

  • SHOWER-TIME JUST TURNED JURASSIC : Modeled after a real Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur skull head, this spectacular shower nozzle, gives a prehistoric jurrasic touch to shower-time that kids and kidults of all ages will surely love!
  • EASY AND QUICK INSTALLATION: All you need to install this fierce bathroom addition is an adjustable wrench (not included) and teflon tape (included). Follow the instructions provided and within minutes, you’ll have a generously sized spout coming out of 9 jets from within the T-Rex’s mouth!
  • SAFE, DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY: Made out of durable, sturdy plastic, this exotic accessory will make any shower a roarin? good time! With two different colors to choose from (Gray and Lime Green), this carnivorous cleaner is made to fit all U.S. shower heads and works safely for both handheld and fixed showerheads.
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN: This showerhead complies with the California water saver standard of 1.8 gallons per minute and effortlessly provides a more gentle spray for children. Both functional and enjoyable, this refreshing children’s shower nozzle saves you money every year and conserves water without sacrificing performance!
  • GREAT GIFT: A very unique gift item that will surely make every child and dino-enthusiast excited for bath time! This dino-fun bathroom accessory is the perfect gift for young explorers.
  • ADD A PRE-HISTORIC TOUCH: Having this APEX predator around brings a whole new meaning to taking a shower. This T-Rex shower head can add imagination and excitement to any bathroom in the household!
  • DISCLAIMER: While the T-Rex shower head doesn’t ‘roar’ itself, side effects may include spontaneous roaring by user. Roar!