Buckshot Pop’n Shoot



2-in-1 shot glass & bottle opener: shot glass shaped like a 12-Gauge shotgun with a built-in bottle opener on the bottom.- put power into any shot: this dynamite combination lets you open a bottle and drink instantly.- pop a bottle and take a shot: this 2-in-1 shot glass and bottle opener puts speed and power into your drinking pleasure.- great gift: This combination bottle opener and shot glass is a fun present for groomsmen, friends, colleagues and others, and can make for a great stocking stuffer.- just enough: this shot glass holds 2 ounces, just right for a big Swig after opening the bottle.- durable and delightful: the combination bottle opener and shot glass is made of plastic.- take care of your gadget: for years of long use, Hand wash the buckshot pop ‘N shoot bottle opener only.